Detectable items:

  • Knives, small arms and tools
  • Products with permanent magnets – radio stations, cell phones and dictaphones
  • Hand grenades and explosives shells

Walk-Through Metal Detector

METEOR S Walk-Through Metal Detector has all the attributes and features of METEOR MD plus an additional channel to detect ferromagnetic objects

An additional passive channel registers the change in the Earth’s magnetic field by its sensors. The channel has a detection indication separate from the main metal detector. The ferromagnetic channel divides the entire archway into four detection zones

Functional features:

  • High selectivity (detection of prohibited items on the background of authorized parts of clothing, zippers and locks in hand luggage, etc.) of Non-Ferrous metals
  • Using an additional channel increases the overall probability of detecting forbidden objects and also allows to select detected objects
  • The channel is highly efficient and easy to set up
  • Detection of all cell phones and other contraband concealed on the person or in body cavities (including key fob cell phones) with or without batteries
  • Multi-Zone targeting indication identifies location of contraband on the body
  • Fully weather proof for outdoor use
  • Unmatched detection in all environments without adjustment

We are one of the two companies on the world market whose walk-through metal detector (METEOR S) has capabilities described above

METEOR S is THE ONLY Metal Detector capable to detect Ferrous and Non-Ferrous objects simultaneously

Ease of assembly4 panels, 8 screws and a user-friendly instruction
Standard programmes 25
Sensitivity levelschoice of 512
Self diagnosticFully Automatic
Passageway interior size760x2020x500mm and 1000x2020x650mm for Meteor-1M version
PowerTotally Automatic 100 to 240VAC, 50Hz
Optional battery packProvides up to 10 hours backup
Warranty24 months
  • Light weight for ease of portability but sturdy design
  • Outstanding levels of sensitivity, stability and noise rejection
  • Accurate Programme and Sensitivity Settings Control
  • Top LCD display specifies detected thickness of metallic objects transiting through the unit based on their amount and composition / Red alarm light signals detected target
  • 25 programmes to address variety of security needs
  • Easy to install and use
  • Does not require any special training for normal use
  • Automatic synchronization between two or more Metal Detectors
  • Two-size passageway: 760mm and 1000mm
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