PEGASUS is a Non-Linear Junction Detector designed to search and find concealed electronics of various types: wired/wireless radio-mikes, sophisticated spy microphones, bugs, audio-video recording devices, cellular phones, Remote Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices (RCIED) containing semi-conductor elements

PEGASUS detects variety of targets in every operational mode whether they are active, passive (on a stand-by) or switched-off

PEGASUS ensures extremely efficient and successful target search rate. It provides reliable target localization in light building structures (walls, floors, ceilings), any type of furniture and various home appliances

Detection mode2nd harmonic – 12 led levels
Detection mode3rd harmonic – 12 led levels
Frequency range883.7MHz – 888.7MHz
Power radiation range17dbm – 29dbm, 12 led levels step 0.8 db. Manual and Auto power adjustment
Attenuation range2db, 4db, 6db, 8db, 10db
Auto power off sensor1 min, 5 min, 10 min
Audio control multiplexed channel2nd harmonic, 3rd harmonic
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Specification (datasheet)Apka.pdf3.5download
User manualApka User Manual.pdf9.5download
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