Ultrasonic suppression devices

Devices of the ‘Tambourine ultra’ series are designed to prevent leakage of acoustic information through full and/or partial suppression of useful sound when mobile recording devices (such as cell phones, tablets, etc.), radio transmitters, special wired spying equipment and various types of microphones are used. ‘Tambourine ultra’ devices can generate two types of interference:

  • noise in the ultrasonic range directly aiming at microphone diaphragm
  • ‘choir’ type signal to make extraction of recorded conversation 99.9% impossible


  • Number of emitters: 6 pcs
  • Large battery life
  • Fully mobile version powered by two Li-on batteries with a total capacity of 5400 A/h
  • Powered by battery and/or external power adapter
  • Batteries’ life is prolonged by integrated circuit balancing voltage
  • Two types of intricate interference
  • Sophisticated ultrasonic interference in the frequency range 24kHz – 26kHz
  • Speech-like interference in the frequency range 300Hz – 18kHz
  • Multistage analysis algorithm of each ultrasonic channel fault indication
  • Battery level indication
  • Increased suppression range using proprietary technology
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Specification (datasheet) Ultra-Tamburin.pdf 3.5 download
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